Here’s what others are saying:

Maria’s workshop presentation “Motivation – What It Means and How to Foster It In Your Teen” resonated for all the parents in attendance.  Her realistic and practical perspective provided parents with the simple tools needed to nurture the “grit” our teens need to engage in their own learning.  Participation in this workshop is time well spent for any parent or educator.

– Carol Coulson
Principal, Charles Best Sec.

Maria is a wonderful speaker who presented very thought provoking information.  She is down to earth, encouraging, positive and passionate about what she does.  My only wish is that I could have heard her worthy message years ago…but as Maria says, “it’s never to late”!

– Lisa Cave
Parent, Coquitlam, BC

iSolve Consulting made a big difference in how my son handled being rejected into a third year program at UBC.  Maria was able to guide him so he did not waste time and money and helped guide him in choosing the right classes to advance his career goals.  The stress a student faces is incredible and as a parent I didn’t know how to properly guide him.  I highly recommend this company to anyone entering or attending post secondary schooling.  I found Maria to be well prepared, professional and kind.  Well worth the money!

– Sandi Lesueur
Parent, Co-founder, Riversol MD

“I feel that parenting teenagers is like living in two different time zone and it is the most challenging stage. As they experiences so many challenging things happening at this stage. Leading by  examples, positive communication and provide help to be exploring what major that suit best my son interest, in fact is not enough. Until I met Maria in April, as she provides me and my son a great support. She helped my son to know what is really he wants to be in the future so he could see the big picture and if there is any obstacle, it will worth to go through as he knows what he wants to achieve. As the saying goes, no pain no gain. So as a mom, I really feel blessed and thankful that Maria has been bringing a positive impact to all of us. Thanks so much…

– Honey Dot
Parent of 19 year old son

Maria worked with my daughter who is grade 11, to help her with educational advising and study skills. The change we saw in our daughter was amazing. She became more positive, focused, and is developing life long skills. Thank you so much for all your incredible support.

– Mavis Wong
Parent, Van.,  BC

The workshop I attended was excellent! I found the information to be helpful and practical. I am really glad my PAC organized this presentation for parents.

– John D.
Parent, Van.,  BC

I was really struggling with my studies and was feeling stressed about decisions to make after I graduated. It was so helpful to be able to have someone walk me through all the options, look at pros and cons of each, and help me come up with a plan. I feel so much happier and more positive. Thank you for all your help!

– Steve M.
Student, North Van.,  BC

My son and I attended the workshop on goal setting and found it to be really helpful. We created a plan for his short term and long term goals. It was great to have someone guide us through the process and provide a chance to really explore and connect with him about his plans. We both walked away from the workshop feeling we had gained a lot and are looking forward to implementing the strategies we learned.

– Mary V.
Parent, Van.,  BC

I recently attended a workshop on how to help motivate my teen. It was excellent! The presentation was really interesting and I learned so much.

– Janet Fullman
Parent, Van.,  BC