At what age is it best to start start planning for post-graduation?

We can work with students at any stage during the secondary or post-secondary education. However, the ideal time to start planning is before the middle of grade 10, prior to course selections for grade 11. The sooner high school students begin the process of exploring their post-graduation options, the easier their planning will be. This also helps to reduce much of the anxiety students face with course selection and post-secondary decisions.

Can your services help my son/daughter if they are not academically strong?

Yes, we have years of experience in the field of education and can work with students of all academic levels. We will work with them to identify their strengths, interests, and areas of challenge and devise a plan that will help them achieve their goals.

What if my son/daughter has no idea what they want to do after graduation?

We are here to help. Through our in depth questionnaire and in person meeting(s), we will work with them to identify their strengths and areas of interest. From this information we will conduct in depth research into potential programs and careers and will work with them to explore these options and identify goals.

Can you assist with post-secondary applications?

Yes, we are able to customize the assistance you require based on your specific needs. This can include a review of admission requirements, an action plan to attain these requirements, and actual support with the application.

How are your coaching services different from you educational advising services?

Our Coaching Services focus on goal setting, motivation, and support. We help students maintain focus and direction. Our Coaching Services provide students the opportunity to learn and improve their soft skills (Emotional Intelligence).  Our Post-Graduation Advising Services offer an exploration of post-graduation programs and career choices, as well as admission support and planning. The two services work hand in hand to provide direction and the follow-up support to achieve their goals.

How many meetings are required?

This is a personal decision and varies on your families goals and the student’s personal progress. We offer a starter package that includes an in depth student review and program exploration. Additional meetings can then be scheduled to provide a more in depth program analysis, admission support, and coaching services. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What is the purpose of the Coaching Services?

Students are faced with many pressures at school and often find little support. Our Coaching services help students develop and improve their soft skills: communication, goal setting, motivation, social interactions, responsibility. We work one on one with your son/ daughter to provide support to help them achieve their goals.

We have had a difficult time communicating with our son/ daughter about their school work and post-graduation plans.

We have years of experience and training in mediation and providing support for difficult conversations or strained relationships. We can work with your family to assist in these conversations to help you find mutual agreement and improve communication.

Do you work with young adults that have already graduated high school?

Yes, post-graduation decisions can be made at any point. We are happy to work with you to review, and/or develop educational and career goals and help you create an action plan to achieve them. Whether you are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program and are looking for further direction, or are currently working and want to explore career options, we can assist.

Where are you located?

We work in the Greater Vancouver area. Our in-person meetings are scheduled in the location of your choosing. We are happy to meet with you in your home or a convenient location of your choice such as a coffee shop, library, etc. We want to ensure the most productive and positive experience for students and therefore will meet them where they are most comfortable.