Academic advising

We work with teens and young adults to create a strategic plan for their future. We explore educational options based on strengths and interests, and find the best path there. We work with students of all academic levels.

Career Planning

We provide: job market and industry review, career opportunities review, and program/pathway options. We help students create a plan and have direction. The risk of not planning can affect student motivation, increase anxiety, and impact future success.

Parent - Teen Mediation

Communication and Conflict support. As a trained mediator, we can help manage difficult conversations. We will work with you and your teen in a collaborative process to resolve issues and establish better communication.

Educational Planning

Education / Career Planning Services

♦ Review of student interests and strengths

♦ Career exploration

♦ Post-secondary education planning

♦ Review entry requirements and pathways for program of study

♦ Application assistance

♦ Individualized plan of action

♦ Coaching Services to set goals, maintain motivation, learn effective study skills, and receive support to be successful.

Communication and Conflict Support

The teenage years can be a stressful time for parents and teens. We can help address:

We can help address:

♦ Motivation and Focus

♦ Respectful communication

♦ House Rules

♦ Expectations

♦ Conflict


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